No One Can Fathom How Much Technology is Available

ifttt.pngSometimes I sit back and marvel at the advances humankind has made. I think of the internet and how it has evolved in my lifetime. From a dialup network that enabled searching of a university library to Evernote, an amazing personal notebook service that revolutionizes productivity and memory. There are too many more to mention. I will however type the word WordPress which is the software that makes my blogs possible. Would you care to list one or more in the comments? I think you’ll agree all the services we have today are mesmerizing in their useful complexity. It’s important to reflect on all the technology we have today. We aren’t much more humane as a race. We still see hate crimes at an all high and women and children are still being abused. Of course, we still have war. But we are a much more sophisticated people that share content with one another at a breakneck pace. It is munites before we know what is happening in the world.

Do you get overwhelmed by all these services online? If you aren’t there already, make an account at IFTTT and click on “channels.” It will produce pages of icons that represent the many services you can use in connection with each other or stand alone. Most of them provide amazing services 100% free of charge. Of course, it requires thinking about technology to make them work. Even as a techie, I can’t get a radar fix on all the services out there. I use several like a mad scientist. For example, “Remember the Milk” has become part of the blood in my veins. I have it connected to all my computers, a couple servers, my devices (of course my iphone), and Google Calendar. If it were to go offline I would have to find a replacement service to save my life. I encourage you to start playing with technology. I write about this a lot I know but it is absolutely a passion of mine. Once again, please leave me a comment of a service that has been rocking your world. I’m full yet always hungry for more!

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  1. Awesome John. I use it for several things. One really cool one I like is scheduling status messages through Google Calendar to Twitter. The description fires as a status on the date and time you make for the event.

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