My Starbucks “Blog Office”

online-diarist-at-starbucks-150x150I make sure I have everything I need in my satchel before I head to my Starbucks blogging office. It’s my blogging couch away from couch and I love the atmosphere so it gets me inspired to blog. Of course, the Cafe Misto does the muse good as well. I have all sorts of blogging tools I use there to help me get “in the zone.” I can choose from 4 input sources: my iphone and a folding keyboard, my Windows 8 tablet using their free wifi. Be careful because not all Starbucks have working wifi. Having a bluetooth keyboard for your iphone is essential to avoid a buzzkill. I was using the wifi at the Adelanto Starbucks for the longest time when one day they just decided to let it lapse and I was left with no way to blog that morning. They still haven’t fixed it, now weeks later.

image5-320x214I have a large bulky laptop I can use but it won’t fit in my satchel. I rarely use it at Starbucks. The last thing I can use is an iphone 6 keyboard. I use the iphone 6 plus which is about 1/3 the size of an ipad. I love it! It’s a must for a blogger in the field. It can be used on my lap if that’s more comfortable or if tables aren’t available. I recommend at least 4 options like these. One day they may figure out a way for me to blog while driving with Google Glass. I’ll be right there to buy it when that happens! I told d_at_starbucks-320x320my daughter, who is big into writing stories, that one day when she is in her 20’s or 30’s they may have a way to read my thoughts onto WordPress. When that happens, I hope I’m still around to try it! You might think it wouldn’t take that much time to blog. Trust me, I waste all sorts of valuable time doing it. It’s wonderful. You’ll see me searching ideas, cropping photos, using photoshop, taking photos, paper and pen journaling, etc. So there you have the technical blueprints of blogging from the field. Now for the aesthetic appeal.

17100500711_5465efa782_k-150x150Entering “my Starbucks office” I take a deep breath of that coffee aroma. It’s corporate but still a local “coffee house” like Ben Franklin wrote about. I feel historical inspiration from that. It’s an earthy place where big thoughts are fleshed out into sentences and semicolons. I find a seat I like and set up my blogging writing business. These days I average about $150/month but there was a time when I used to do sponsored posts that I made as much as $500/month. I like how I do it now: I write whatever I want and get paid for it. It took me a lot of years to operate that way but it’s the best situation I’ve had since starting in December 2005. relaxation beach hutThat is the place I get lost, in a good way. An hour, 2 hours, half the day will pass as I am composing across three blogs. Recently I have syndicated all of them into this blog called “Riley Central.” It’s where all my online stuff comes together. For those who don’t know, my blogs are related to teaching, diary keeping, a Tumblr, and prose (like this). In addition, you’ll find my statuses, photostatuses, link statuses, and flickr photos here. Updating this blog at Starbucks is one way I get lost and caught up in bliss. This Summer I’ll be blogging from the beach as well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

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