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Chicago Style pizza night w Tatonka brews.

One day before Christmas I went out shopping with the intention of buying my wife UGG boots. Considering it was snowing that day, I went with a more practical option women’s rain boots. There is a time when practicality is good. More often than not it seems that sentimental=romantic. This is also true about taking your wife or date out to eat: spare no expense and watch magic happen.

This one goes out to the couples that are feeling somewhat “well done” with regards to the heat of life and it’s demands. Of course, the title has told you

I am recommending a small scale vacation as an antidote to the stress of life.

My wife and I went down to Irvine in one of those ruts to see an independent film. We had an awesome time and caught ourselves doing silly romantic things such as: holding hands, kissing too long, cuddling in our seats (with that arm rest thingie “up,” )  and other stuff you might see only people half our age doing. So, you might ask, what made it so much fun? Simple:

We went AWAY! We spent BIG! We SPLURGED!

I purposefully picked a theater 50 miles away. This opened our hearts and minds to a new place and therefore new experiences. We got lunch while down there, had some frozen yogurt, and generally enjoyed ourselves as we normally do close to home. There was one big difference:

The backgrounds were different!

My wife and I found that traveling outside our normal “stomping grounds” was very healthy for our relationship. That’s why I am recommending it to you. If you think the drive might be too much of a hassle, think again. Why not make a music mix of all your favorite songs, or better yet HER favorite ones. I think the magic of getting away is less of a cliche and more of a time tested reality in my life. I need to make the effort to get away with my wife as much as possible. I know it can be done on the cheap as well so don’t let financial constraints stop you.

This weekend or sometime soon, why not venture out of your town with your wife, husband, or significant other, wherever it may be and just get away. It could be to Disneyland or just a movie 50 miles away! I recommend you do it and watch what happens in your relationship. Food tastes better when you drive a while to get it! To answer the question below, I would drive as far as it takes to get the best food and have a great time on a date!

Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

Source: Live to Eat | The Daily Post

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