Morning – First to Forget a Wrong

Morning is the time when we get ready for the day, unless we are on vacation. It’s a time a little boost of coffee, some music perhaps, and an infusion of vision for what lay ahead in the next 8 to 12 hours. I’m learning the health value of meditating in the morning. In addition to meditation, I am reading that shifting from task to task should be done gradually. Would you shift your car from 1st to 5th gear? Hardly. What about the reverse? I think not. The morning is a time when we “break fast.” We should be putting healthy things inside our bodies. We are organic vehicles.

Morning can be a time to forgive relatives and friends. Maybe we can make the relatives friends again. It’s up to us to forget bad memories. We can rake the garden for healing. It is not in our control to heal things but we can way lay the plains. Maybe being the first to forget a wrong that was done is a good idea in the morning … and the last to remember. A fight will only live as long as it is brought up. Maybe in the morning when we are calm and peaceful we can accept that it’s okay to let animosity and vengeance die. Some things go away with time but even if they stay we can stave them off for a while at least in the morning.

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