Managing Tasks to Keep Your Sanity

I just had to sit down and write a post telling you about a free service I use to manage my tasks, “Remember the Milk.” Now if you’ve been around a while you may have heard me mention this service and even give a few pathetic tutorials on it. This is different. I simply wanted to recommend “RTM” to you as a task manager, especially if you are a blogger.

At the same time, I recognize there are many ways to skin a cat. I used that phrase with my 10 year old students last week and they looked at me like I had killed their cat. It’s just an expression but it’s true that the human creature will always seek out innovative ways to get the job done.

RTM is simply one way to manage tasks, but it is one that is working excitingly well for me.

Without delivering a tutorial, since mine would be far inferior to the ones you can Google on your own, I just wanted to let you know about this amazing service and explain why I have it affixed to my shortcut bar.  I put new tasks up faster than I complete old ones but for once in my life thanks to rtm, I never forget any of them!

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