Make it an Excellent Workday

There are many more ways, but I was thinking this morning that a process always helps. Perhaps you can add your own to this list:

  1. Wake up on time (alarm clock with a mellow station).
  2. Make some good coffee.
  3. Have your outfit all picked out the night before (not always possible I know).
  4. Train your school-age son(daughter) to make the lunches (LOL).
  5. Have a CD picked out with music that inspires you, make sure it is in your car.
  6. As you are getting your coffee made and last minute stuff, start your car and turn the heat on full-blast (winter only).
  7. As you drive to work, think about the possibilities of the day. Look at struggles and worries as merely opportunities to see life a new way and improve yourself.
  8. Think about positive things as you listen to your music on the way. Admire the beauty of the desert all around you.
  9. Consciously remember to smile at people today, you affect others more than you know.
  10. Be ready, for anything and when anything comes your way, accept it as either a positive or an opportunity.
  11. Commit yourself to be 100% in the moment. This means not worrying about the future or the past. I have found they both take care of themselves.
  12. Create a relevant greeting to use so you don’t get tongue tied in those stressful moments. When you see someone at work, say: ___________. (examples: Hi, 3 day weekend. Happy Thursday. Hang in there, etc.)
  13. Have pictures of your kids on your desk and focus on the reasons you work.
  14. Make another CD of your favorite songs and play it in your office area or MP3 player if this is possible in your workspace. For me, its in my classroom before the kids come in.
  15. If you have friends at work that won’t mind, send them a short email letting them know you are thinking of them and that you hope they have a great day. The replies throughout the day are great to remind you of the same thing.
  16. Take time to breathe and do nothing for a few mintes before work. Meditate, pray, think, be still … etc.
  17. If a bunch of stuff has been cluttering somewhere for a while, its probably not crucial. Put it all out of sight temporarily (a cabinet, a bin, a box etc.). This will create a clear place in your work area that can help you see possibilities.
  18. Structure your day with an agenda by hour and check it off as you go.
  19. Say this statement three times out loud when you are alone: “I am fortunate.”
  20. Accept that there is something larger than yourself and surrender that you are small in the big scheme of things. Even if you wanted to be in control of everything, it wouldn’t be possible so be faithful in the small things on your agenda and make it an excellent day.

What do you do to have a good workday?

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