lsleofskye:Iceland They may call it “Ice Land” but aint it…



They may call it “Ice Land” but aint it beautiful? So is the agony for the ecstasy in life my friend.

I think I chose that photo and comment because I have a headache. It’s a sinus, post-nasal drip headache. I fucking hate these. Worse yet, Sarah and I are going on a date night tonight and maybe a movie. I took some stuff for it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Now is the season for sowing seeds. Like a farmer with his little plot of land, I’m taking stick of my blogs, my podcast, my health, my work outfits, my outlook on everything. I go back to work in about a month from now so I have some more time off but I have to get to the doctor, maybe the dentist (you may recall I cracked half my tooth off on the 4th of July) Some teachers I have known have always taken it for granted that you have to get all that shit done over Summer. I guess it’s take me until recent years to figure out it’s damn hard to do when you are under a contract in the school year. A little agony that hopefully will pay off in good health and inspired teaching this coming school year.

I’m watching “Saving Private Ryan” currently. Talk about agony. For most these guys, the ecstasy will never come. Is Tom Hanks as rad an actor as every always says? I’m not into war movies but I love the message of this film … even through the agony presented in the first ¾. War is hell. I’m going to be on a podcast panel discussing this film led by my good friend in blog film criticism: MovieRob – I may have to read up on this film even after seing it for the second time. There isn’t much “feel-good” about it. Sort of like Schindler’s List.

I the OTC meds kicking in and guess what, my runny nose is releasing the tightness in my sinuses. Kick ass! We’re either going to Red Lobster or Tio Pepe’s. Up to her since I asked her out. 🙂 Yes I do try and make these like real dates to make us both feel young 😉

over and out … for now

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