Love Trumps Guns

The shootings in Las Vegas floored me but I’m not spouting anti-gun talk.
I am speechless in a way I haven’t been in years. I think it’s time to stop macro talk and focus on loving others in every micro way possible. That has to have an effect right?

Love trumps hate.

I know I won’t convince any gun lover they are wrong. I’ve tried until I’m blue in the face. They thing they are protecting themselves. How can I argue that? I’d like to see guns made illegal and government seizures of the crates made illegally. Wouldn’t it be better to at least limit the number of guns out there?

Beyond the gun debate, which wouldn’t have stopped this shooter in Vegas, I’m off to pursue love of all people. Compassion and caring shall be my banner. Even if you love guns, I still love you because you’re a person in the human condition along with me.

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