Life and Chalk Lines

Photo credit: darksilenceinsuburbia

I’ve been making chalk lines lately. I think I’m getting close to the best boundaries. I’ve learned through trial and error what shouldn’t bother me, like work fears (irrational ones that is). I used to get those so much when I found out after the fact I was doing a way better job than most. It’s my personality to second guess myself. I’m taking care of that line.

I’m giving myself more lattitude to make mistakes. Life is one big first take. We do get second tries on most things. Think about it. I think the highest individual is the ne who sees failure and let down as part of the whole picture that makes us “US.” I wouldn’t be here today with the peace I feel without the stress of past days. My how I thought the end had come more than once. It’s a great aphorism to “sleep on it.” In the am this are always smaller, more compressed. For younger people it’s hard to sleep. I tell you there is an art and talent in not giving a shit. If you aren’t there, aspire to it and don’t hate those who are there, like me.

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