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I like to read Corinne’s insightful post each Monday before reflecting and posting. I love the idea of the ever present potential to learn from life. Below is a snippet from her article.

Last night I was chatting with a friend who was sharing her take on relationships and unconditional love . She was not really saying anything new, but what she said flowed from her experiences an deep personal conviction. Her painful experience had taught her a beautiful lesson. Once more, I realised how life is constantly seeking to teach us lessons. Sometimes, we don’t learn the lessons the first time so life keeps giving us more chances to learn.We were both talking about a mutual acquaintance, a basically a nice person (isn’t everyone?) who loses out on relationships because she tries to control people. Even though she’s been through a divorce, left several jobs on a bad note and lost many friends, she continues to be the same. I suppose, life will go on trying to teach her.Lessons From The DayInstead of focusing on someone else, I asked myself if I was learning the lessons life is trying to teach me. Every day, life is trying to teach us a different lesson, if only we are willing to listen and learn. Recently, I heard of an elderly Catholic priest who would bless himself before he watched a movie, even if it was a Western! When asked why he did that, he replied: ” I don’t know what God might say to me through the movie.”I am determined at the start of each morning to ask what is the lesson I’m supposed to learn from that day.

Source: Lessons from the day – Everyday Gyaan


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