Land of the Lost TV Series (TV Review)

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This is not a film review of the recent film adaptation of The Land of the Lost. However, I did see it and will review it at a later date. When I saw that movie it brought back a lot of memories about the amazing Sid and Marty Kroft television show The Land of the Lost that I watched all through the 1970s. Since I was born in 1969, I think I was likely the target audience.

The DVDs are available on Amazon and they rock. After I left the movie I came home searching for snippets on YouTube and the like. There is a lot of stuff there, but no full episodes. After a quick shop I found the released episodes on DVD and so I bought them.

When they arrived I watched the first three episodes in order. I was eating Oreos with a huge glass of milk laughing as my wife and kids all thought I was losing my mind. Perhaps I have surrendered it to The Land of the Lost, if not forever, for a time. Memories of soccer practice and piano lessons and fourth grade permeate these DVDs for me. And then … there are the effects.

The first episode of the series is called simply “Cha-Ka.” it’s the story of how the Marshall family meets up with the mythical caveman boy called by the epsiode’s name. They are met with fake dinosaur stop-action animation, really cheesy backgrounds, and monstrous creatures with huge eyes and lizard bodies called Sleestaks.

The recent film adaptation may not win awards, but it got me searching for Land of the Lost again. I think anyone my age and older would love the DVDs for the reverie. People younger should see it for what it is: pure family entertainment. Back in the 70s when you actually had to get up to change the channel, many of us stopped for a half hour to watch the Marshalls battle Sleetaks among the Pylons with Cha-Ka and a T-Rex named Grumpy. Before you see the movie, get the original episodes on DVD. Then at least you’ll understand how this movie first got its legs.

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