Kindness Trainings to Prevent Violence in Our Schools

Since I work as a teacher, it’s probably high time I spoke about this topic. It permeates the reality all around us, fiction isn’t worse anymore.

These people who shoot up schools are disenfranchised.

For one reason or another, they weren’t getting their “bucket filled” at school so they took it out on people in a mass shooting. Mostly, these events end with the shooter(s) taking his(their) own life(ves). You can’t ask a bloody corpse how they were hurt and what caused this, so nothing is usually learned.

Training of teachers and public perssonnell all across my state has been stepped up.

We’ve been told strategic ways to reduce the body count but sadly, not how it can be prevented.

Treating people kindly would be a start. I’m not saying those who got shot in the past deserved it but these people are all saying the same thing, they didn’t feel good enough. We should have trainings in kindness. It’s about time.

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