Internet Barter

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”

imageInternet Barter could be the best way for the internet to go. Let me explain: WordPress is a perfect example of what open source products can do for technology. It’s almost unspeakable how much WordPress has done for the spread of democratic information. Anyone can get their message out cleanly, solidly, and with the potential to be readily shared with others. Conversely, is an example of a company struggling with commerce online and the sharing of information that way. When I say struggling, I don’t mean the company is hurting, neither company is. Still, I don’t see Amazon making the leaps and bounds that WordPress has.

As leader of the new internet, I will work with commerce online to offer more of a barter system. Services, advertising, or input in exchange for free songs, movies, tv programs, and other products. Every potential sale will shift to a potential growth in understanding. The barter will be for things like plugins or even content that people read. For example: if I wants a National Geographic video on demand of India for my students, in lieu of paying $2.99 to stream it, I can be given the option to write a 200 word review of it after the fact and share it with social media. There will always be the option to pay cash though. I recognize a lot of “free” services are sort of doing this but I think people should be encouraged and rewarded to use their talent to acquire commercial goods for “free” on the new internet. Technology and traffic to commerce will increase exponentially.

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