Inside Looking Out

Rough weather comes in life, you have to know how to get through it. It usually passes here where I live but I’ve heard there are places were it rains all year long, non-stop. I don’t know how well I’d do there. I suppose big brick fireplace ovens are the mainstay. You gotta try and keep warm from the inside out.
Everybody’s talking about how cold it is outside. That’s a true thing indeed, especially here in the high desert of California. In the same way, people tend to complain about how external circumstances are “cold” or in some way “not agreeable.” You see this hand in the window placed on the glass looking out, she’s looking at the cold and the man outside. she seems to be obsessed with it, afraid of it.

I’ve been afraid of what’s outside. I’ve feared it so much, it crippled me. I’ve waited long intervals until the weather and other things have cleared, with mixed results. I’ve seen how some people don’t fear the cold. They get out there and get things done. Everybody calls them lucky. I’m learning you need to forge your own way to luck.

Whatever the obstacle, it helps to have a fire in your stove. WE can’t control all the elements but we can tend to our inner being. If we spend time there, learning how to get warm, we can get out there and make things happen. People may think us lucky. In reality, we just know where the wood is and how to get it going into a blazing fire to take on the day.

Our 18-year-old son, Brandon, moved out today. It’s hard on both of us but especially my wife. I don’t know when we’ll “get over it” but as we wait for that, we can enjoy each other and the warmth of the fire here at home tonight as we exchange recollections of our life with him in our house.

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