If It Makes You Happy

I love that phrase, “Don’t worry about it.” When people tell me that I so appreciate it because I am one to worry, though I’ve learned how to cope through the years.

Every now and then I get some judgement about how I like to watch and review movies all the time lately. Well, I make sure I use my time wisely and currently I am in a place where I have a lot of extra time. Watching films and reviewing them on Riley on Film makes me happy, so that’s why I do it. I wish I could make money reviewing movies but for now it does so much for me as a hobby.

I think about the Sheryl Crow song sometimes: “If it Makes You Happy.” I believe in doing just that. This is hard work when you have to take care of others too but there is a wisdom to it. In this time where I possibly may be transitioning careers, I’m following that advice. My wife dislikes my glasses choice but they make me happy.

On other matters, everyone is healthy and well in my family and my 19 year old son is coming back home. I’m glad my son is rejoining the Riley quartet, he usually agrees with my glasses choices. I really want to write in my online diary more so if interested, subscribe.

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