If I Wrote Another Book on Blogging

mecolumn11152017-200pxMy wife asked me recently if I had a copy of my first book I wrote on blogging. She has a friend who wants to get back into blogging in her niche, possibly for extra income. I think that is so exciting.

My book was so outdated I felt embarrassed to even offer it to her. I decided however to do a quick post with some of the chapters of a new book (If  were writing one.) The blogosphere has changed considerably since 2008 when I wrote my first blogging ebook.


I. Intro – An overview of what it has become. How people are creating and innovating with blogs. How people enjoy them and how they make money.

II. The platform. WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com If you want to make money, .org “self-hosted” is the only way to go (in my opinion). .com is good for networking/social aspects. With .org you can have both. Have fun with plugins too on .org


III. The motivation. You should find the motivation to write regularly. The more you can “whip out a post” quickly that you are proud of, the more the advertisers are going to like you. And pay you. So … play with WordPress. Collect photos. Join Flickr. Let it all inspire you to write posts for your niche.

IV. The money. I make money with:

  • Adsense
  • LinkVehicle
  • LinkWorth
  • Private parties who contact me (an ad for your services in the side helps)
  • More

I won’t pretend to be a better source than Google for finding these.


V. Podcasting & Conclusion

More important to a blog than its money ledger is the amount of people it reaches. Blogs are for people who seek to have influence and readers, not necessarily those wanting to get rich. If you enjoy blogging, money can be made but don’t blog just to make money, you’ll be frustrated. Everything else comes after influence and you’ve got to earn it. The more influence you have, the easier it is to make money. That’s why most famous people have blogs and are successful with minimal knowledge of blogging or effort thereof.

A wing of blogging that is exploding is podcasting. Teach yourself how to do it and get some other people from your niche to do a weekly or monthly podcast. (That’s another book I suppose) You may see your numbers soar. Remember, no one knows you are there, you have to build an audience by commenting on other people’s blogs, advertising and sharing your posts on social media, and being regular and comfortably realistic about posting every day (some say you can do it less)


There you have it: the framework of my next blogging ebook!

Damien 12/5/2016

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