I Treasure my Son

Ten Years of Rileys (3931)People who don’t have kids always whine about it. They say they feel so “empty” inside. I don’t want to be mean, I know that when you can’t have something it seems all that much more appealing. When I married Sarah I instantly became a dad. It was like pouring chocolate malt mix into a full glass of milk and drinking it at the counter. I suppose I had a lot of waiting time that served as preparation. I was 33 and a previous girlfriend of mine had a son, who gave me a hard time all the time. I recall telling him to eat oatmeal instead of sugar cereal and he went ballistic on me. That represented a dad-hood I did not covet. But my son was different. When I met him I felt a responsibility. The bond would come later, as it definitely did. My son has been the sunrise of my life. He has been the reason I do everything. I want the world to be ready for him and he for the world. That’s a definition for being a dad. Those flies at the window want in and the ones inside want out. I liken them to those with or those without kids, the grass is greener on the other side. Being a dad makes me never forget that kids need love and affection. Kids need one on one attention no matter how big they get.

One of my fondest memories with Brandon will always be when he helped me set up my heavy PA equipment at the rind so I could play a night show with my acoustic guitar. The crowd was mostly passersby with a few (literally 3) who stopped and had a coffee and listened to me play Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Daydream Believer-esque tunes. My son sat and listened and clapped when I was through. When I was done, we took the $8 in tips and went to Rite-Aid for ice cream. Brandon is such a supportive guy. I couldn’t be as strong as I am in so many aspects of my life without him. That’s why we take Dad and Son nights out and drink root beer and eat appetizers. Maybe we’ll go see a slasher movie or better yet, one that reminds us of Forrest Gump (inside joke). I treasure my son.

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