How I Do Love to go up in a Swing

The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson was read over and over and left scattered all throughout my childhood. My parents were enthusiastic about this poem and any other media that heralded creativity and childhood. The Red Balloon was another such example.

Teens and 20’s
Then I must get into what I found for myself. Music from bands like Kenny Rogers, ABBA, Blondie, The Alarm, REM, and a few others would take me to the highest arc of that swing and back. Needless to say, if you know my music side, this was one of the most formative times in my timeline. In my 20s the list of music would grow. A River Runs Through it is the major landmark film of my 20’s.The value of nature and higher education pierced through me like a rustic spear. I may have jumped off the swing temporarily but the hook brings you back. And so came adulthood.

Out of all the swings I’ve been on, my family has been the highest by far. It makes sense Sarah and I started our family at a theme park: Sea World. We fell in love, had kids, and now we are still in the thick of raising them at ages 7, 9, and 16. Being in a family teaches you about personal space and respect. When the kids are small, you are the one swinging them but as they grow oh how the roles reverse. It’s a good swing, a bad swing, a scary swing … every sort you can say. Its the little things that really get me like arranging to all meet up for happy hour sushi (no alcohol involved). I get to catch up with my wife and kids and enjoy a  little extra ginger on my sushi because Dr. Oz says it’s good for you. Time to hop off now, brush my hands on the tops of my thighs and let the chain clink until the next one. I hope I keep swinging, until I just can’t swing anymore.

Post inspired by:
The Swing
By Robert Louis Stevenson

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