Holy Cracked Molar it’s the 4th of July

Yesterday I bit into a nut bar and cracked my lower left molar in half. I assume the other half is in my system somewhere. But other stuff is happening too. Read on for the online diary.

It’s weird because that tooth has given me pain and sensitivity for years now. Sometimes it would stop hurting for months. Most recently, it just acted up when I but down. So, I learned to bite and chew mostly on the right side. The past week or so, it’s been hurting when I have slip-ups and chew hard things on it. Now, it’s broken off and the strangest thing has happened. I only have ½ a tooth back there but it doesn’t hurt and I can even even bite down fully on harder foods with no pain. It’s bliss. I was so afraid I’d have unbearable pain but I actually chew better now! For the concerned out there, I am planning a trip to the dentist and I am keeping that area well brushed and “Listerined.” The cave man in me wonders how long I could go on without a trip there. Is pain the only reason we go? Well, there is preventative maintenance. I’ll probably go pretty soon for that. Not so sure it will be over my Summer though. There are too many movies to watch both at home and in the theater. Furthermore, add amazing binge-worthy tv. I am on “The Path” with Aaron Paul currently. It’s a great show but you have to go on faith until about season 1 episode 5. That’s where I was officially hooked.

Been thinking about cutting back on coffee. I’m in my second day of pressing the 4 oz Keurig button instead of the 12 oz one. Surprisingly, it seems to be working. I feel less blazed on caffeine all day. As get older I need to remember I do what I do, regardless of coffee, I don’t need it. Sniff sniff, sad that I have to start that mantra but I do.

I’ve identified 200 great movies as a list. I continue to enjoy blog film criticism on several fronts. rileyonfilm.com hosts my reviews and I put up a lot of stuff to read and see on my twitter page @rileyonfilm

What are you up to? I dig them comments! The few, the proud, the commenters!

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