Heap Big Camping Trip at Silverwood Lake

IMG_2325Actually, the title is irony: there wasn’t anything heap big about it. Twas quaint. It was close to home and we did very high impact camping, in other words the kind with a restroom and a firepit. For 3 days we’ve been on a family camping trip. The first day, the campsite looked like paradise. My wife is great about packing us food and necessities but they were late in coming since she was set to meet us there later. This brings up an interesting point: How well do my wife and I work together. We’ve grown through the years and we are a very productive team. We’re still working out the kinks though.

After a short bout of hunger. We had a great dinner of hamburgers over a camp stove. They were great. We made s’mores by the campfire, told every joke and scary story we knew, and then flopped down on the air mattress. I felt pretty great enjoying the cricket sounds until the campers next to us started making noise. It started with their child screaming for no apparent reason and continued for hours with a woman giggling in such a way that was akin to scratching fingernails down a chalkboard. Every time I would doze off, she’d giggle or the kid would scream. Eventually though, I did pass out.

One thing I can’t fail to mention is the awesome camp coffee pot we bought at the beach store. It’s like a regular percolator except you can place it right on the camp coals or stove to make the coffee. It takes a while longer than my usual method, French press, but the coffee is rich and full bodied as if you bought it in Starbucks. Of course, it helps if you have coffee grounds from Starbucks, which I always do. In conclusion, the trip was a success. I got more of a tan and got rejuvenated to go back to work. That’s what vacations are for.

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  1. Hey Mike, thanks 🙂 Day 2 was all swimming in the lake. Day 3 will have to wait for another day when I write about frustrating experiences. Sarah’s car battery died and we had to wait with the very kind ranger who waited with his truck running for 30 minutes until hers would turn over. It was a bummer for sure. She took off for home and I took the kids to the lake again where I regained a little aummmmm! All ended well. Nice hearing from you bro! Here’s a photo of us at the lake: Silverwood Lake (16)

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