Give Your Spouse the Little Things

It’s the little things that make your marriage solid. As with any relationship, a marriage can have its challenges. My wife do our periodic standoff every so often and it’s getting to be less taxing now that we’ve been together for 7 years. We also make sure to spend quality time enjoying each other so those tough disagreements aren’t fatal to the wonderful union we enjoy. I take notes on the things she likes and the things she doesn’t. Once in a while I surprise her by driving her down to a great steak restaurant. Other times I will stretch my movie tastes and go to a sappy chick flick 🙂 Don’t tell my guy friends, but I actually like some of those!

She also is looking out for the things I like. I can remember one fight we had a long time ago where I decided to go to work without resolving it (which is willpower for me, I am a bit of a control freak). When I got home, candles were burning, my favorite food was on the table and she was wearing the sexy clothes I had told her I liked. Needless to say, we resolved the fight. My lesson? If your spouse wants to go through the Sierra Designs Tents at a show you are attending, visit that one! If there’s time, she will attend your preferred place!

Keep an eye out for those “little things” your spouse enjoys and don’t save them for a rainy day, give them to her/him now.

4 Replies to “Give Your Spouse the Little Things”

  1. Wonderful advice, Damien! You’re a great guy! There’s so much stress in everyone’s lives that it’s so easy to overlook these little things that make people feel special, loved and appreciated. That’s what keeps relationships solid and improves them to new levels. Great post!

  2. Wonderful post and you sure are a SNAG.
    My husband and i have been sharing our great life for over 20 years now and it certainly is the little things that really do make a difference.

    lovely blog, keep up the good work.

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