Give in Love :: It Holds the World Together

This weekly podcast was inspired by “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  When we give in love and not expect anything in return, we add the stuff that holds it together.  I’ll let the rest of this 5 minute podcast speak for itself this week.  Thanks for listening.

4 Replies to “Give in Love :: It Holds the World Together”

  1. I listened to this cast and sounds like you are in a wind storm. Too much breathing sounds into the microphone, sounds like you are blowing on it when you exhale.

    Need to get a foam cover for the mic that absorbs the wind, or keep it to the right or left of your mouth to prevent direct breathing against it.

  2. Thanks Dragon Blogger. I was actually rushed on this one and didn’t have a chance to listen back. Maybe I won’t now LOL. My equipment is far from professional. Maybe I could put a cloth over the recorder to compress the sounds. Thanks!

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