Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?

A lot of people worry, “What if I fail?” I’ve encountered enough success on my own terms to wonder more often, “What if I succeed?”

I think this marquee means we can’t really do any harm when we really GO FOR OUR DREAMS. It’s arrogant to worry if we’ll fail or change anything on a macro level.

If we succeed, the universe doesn’t notice. If we fail, same thing. That’s why I reblogged this marquee. I think it’s a reality all dreamers can tap into.

I hope I go far out every day, way way far out. I’ve never been interested in fences. I want to know what’s out there even into the great beyond. Are you with me?

What do you think of this marquee?


from weheartit

I reblogged this photo on tumblr.

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