From a Distance

It sounds cliche when I first write it but I have found it to be so very true: “From a distance, things look simpler.”  When our world seems so big and the cast of characters are crowding in, just meditate on all these things “from a distance.”

My parents have been troopers lately.  My dad now in his 60’s is changing jobs and it’s a bit slow going.  The fact that it is in real estate doesn’t help matters much.  Still, they are keeping their spirits up and doing great.  They just went on vacation to the Grand Canyon in Arizona last week.  My dad said it was very inspiring to see that giant open space.  It puts you in your place but also encourages you to do the little things you need to do.  Did you know the Grand Canyon was formed by a small streeam over throusands of years?  We need that kind of perspective sometimes.  Try and get quiet and meditate on your problems, “from a distance.”

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