Frantic Amusement Park Day With Kids

No one is permitted to be frantic this morning as we are going to Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s going to be myself, Isabella 13, and Julianna 10. We bought passes back before Christmas and have used them twice since. Now, it’s been a few months and we’re headed back, hopefully to ride some scarier rides. They were chickens on a few last time.

It’s the berry festival at Knott’s right now:

Here are a couple things I wrote in a post a few years ago that I’ve learned about amusement parks with kids:

Bring a plastic bag the size of a large ziploc or grocery bag.You can keep your electronic items such as cell phones, PDA, video cameras, etc. protected as you carry your purse or bags on board. If a cell phone gets wet, it’s most likely to be history. Bring the bag!

Use “non-ride” attractions to wear the energetic kids down. Waiting in lines can actually be tiring.

Have fun! Your kids will watch you and probably make fun of you or act “too cool.” Still, you are there to set an example. If they watch you having fun, they are likely to be less afraid of the big rides and more ready for bed when they get home! Who said being a parent meant you couldn’t have fun at an amusement park?

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