CAN Acronym – A Blog Tip

I’ve noticed that blogging draws people for a million reasons, it isn’t just the desire to share your life online anymore. But whether you are looking to make money or just experimenting with a journal, there are three areas you’ll want to increase. I use the acronym CAN to identify them.

C stands for Circulation. This is the number of references to your blog in the form of links. It is known by several names: backlinks, inlinks, blog reactions, linkbacks, and sometimes trackbacks (though those are falling out of use). Here are a few things you can do to increase circulation:

  1. As you read, save links for speedlinking, or linking out to them in your posts. This by itself will not increase your circulation but people will stop by your blog if you reference them most the time and most the time, they will reference you back. It’s a great way to make circulation friends quickly.
  2. Take “Nofollow” off comments. In the same way, those who see their comments are linking back to their site will be noitified and this is likely to get them back to your site as well as returning the favor of linking to their site. You can find out how to do this in a simple Google search of your blog platform. In WordPress there are plugins.
  3. Submit articles to Article Avenue and the like.
  4. Submit your guest posts to social media. When you do a post somewhere other than your own blog, make sure you submit it to as many social networks as possible. This can (and does) ultimately lead readers back to you

A stands for Analytics. This is the traffic of visitors to your blog. Here’s what you can do to keep that number rising:

  1. Do a series post like “Blog Tip of the Day” or other “…of the day” or your choice to keep people coming back.
  2. Ask a few friends to announce them on their blogs.
  3. Blog-Hop and comment intelligently as much as possible.
  4. Stumble your best of the week (or ask others to).

N stands for Net. This is simply the amount of money your blog makes. The more I blog, it seems the less I care about this number. It seems to grow so I don’t look at it as much as I used to. To me, it’s all about influence and I think if you’re showing that on the internet, compensation will follow. Having said that, here are some practical steps to making bucks with your blog:

  1. Check for opps. with the companies that pay you to blog.
  2. Work on C and A more.
  3. Be faithful to the opps you get.
  4. Do quality work.

I hope that helps you out with your focus. Blogging is a fun journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Remember this phrase with regards to blogging: “I CAN!”

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