Flight Simulator Analogy

Kids are the final assessment step in the way you are viewed as an educator. Most mentor teachers will tell you the child’s well-being is your top priority and that you shouldn’t “teach to the test.” Kids are complicated and their success or failure should not be predicated on a test. Of course this is true but not always the best, most practical advice.

The test these days is king. It is not wrong to use it as your focus.

Getting kids ready for the “flight” of the test should be part of your routine. Giving kids a similar test over and over (daily? every other day?) is a great way to not only get data to adjust your teaching but also to get them “used to” the format and scenario of the test situation so,

View your time in preparation for the test as a flight simulator. I actually call the pretests I give “flight simulators” to the kids. At first they thought I had a video game for them, lol. Now they know what I mean, and they get excited about a chance to create their own success.

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