Finite Perspective

I’ve been interested in perspective for quite a few years now. As a teacher, it’s important to remember that my perception is finite and not always correct. For example, if a student forgets his homework and tells me his dog ate it, I tend to not believe him. But what if there’s one who’s telling the truth? Shouldn’t I strive to be the good-hearted teacher who believes him? Yeah, I want to be that.

I’d like to be open to an infinite perspective. Of course, I’ll never have it but I can at least be open to it. This will open my mind to new ideas and a deeper understanding of my students. As a blogger, it will push me to higher heights by assuming I don’t have all the facts. A perception like that would keep me from becoming closed minded. Make no mistake: people all around us in 2017 are closed minded. They feel safe and warm in their finite perspective. It’s killing the world as we know it.

I want to be accepting of all people and open to learning where they are coming from. I have the perfect life for that as a teacher and writer. Whether it’s sharing my perception of a film or teaching kids about maths and place value (which I did today). I’ll always be shackled to a finite perspective but I can aspire to more. That’s the difference, I aspire to more. I hope I never lose that.

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