Finding Firewood and Clarity this Christmas

I chose the title because this Christmas I’m burning a lot of firewood. I’ve learned what a “cord” of wood is and Sarah has managed to find some great deals on Craig’s List and the like. I’ve learned to take my time and crumple up a lot of newspaper before I try to start the fire. Taking my time has helped me do a lot of things this year.
That’s a bit what Christmas means to me this year. I’m taking my time with things. I’m forcing myself to get off the computer and hold my daughters more. I’m trying to teach my son music more. The kid is playing 4 instruments currently! I’m afraid the only one I can take credit for teaching is the guitar. I’m taking time to slow down with my wife as well.

Slowing down is really crucial to growth as a person. I know people who never slow down. I never want to be like that. Clarity of mind is what I am most thankful for this year. Hot chocolate, TIVO movies, firewood (almond and pine), and family time help bring it. And of course God who is the source of all clarity.

Have you taken the necessary time to slow down and have clarity of mind this Christmas?

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