Faith in the Road Ahead – a Set of my Songs

My music recorded through the years is now available to download. Release date was: Jan 11, 2010. You can hear and download the songs to your computer (free). Find this album and others on my music archive page.

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  1. Still in love with the song “Julianna”. This song has a “stuck in your head” hook. Would love to hear the vocals brought out in the mix a little bit…but a great song my brother! Great list of songs man…keep ’em coming!

  2. Thanks a million Chris. I really look up to your energy in the projects you do. As far as Julianna, yeah, I recorded that in very uncomfortable surroundings. Namely, in my garage wit really no elbow room at all. Plus I was under the gun for time. The guitar isn’t smooth but it’s close enough for rock-n-roll. One day I will record it professionally because it just screams hit to me:

    V1 Another day and another way, goin right down a one-way
    Don’t know what the people say, I’m a happy-go-lucky and I say

    (Chorus)People growing up who don’t wanna. Just you and me Julianna

    V2 There’s nobody like you and I. Just dreamers in disguise. When this world is tellin’ you lies, I know a place where we can hide (chorus)


    (Bridge/Middle 8) People can guess our love is easy on the mind. We’re heaven blessed oh don’t you wonder what wonder we will find. (Chorus)


    French Bay is really new. Kitchen has been hanging around since I was like 19 years old. I still haven’t mapped it out. If you have any suggestions on anything I have up please send it my way. I remember a while back we kicked the idea of collaboration around. I’m still game, just been lazy.

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