Eye Contact in Daily Communication: Less or More?

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Source: Eyes | The Daily Post

My response: I know one big difference in cultures based on eyes. The Mexican culture teaches its kids that it’s rude to look an authority figure in the eye. Conversely, we teach ours here in the States to look people in the eye when speaking and especially when being scolded. This creates quite a culture shock for kids who are born elsewhere or even those who have picked up on their family of origin’s traditions.

I think the eyes tell much. That cuts both ways though. As I am reading about someone through their eyes, they obviously can read me. For this reason, sometimes when I am really listening to details, I don’t maintain eye contact. Instead I alternate from eye contact, non verbal cues, and looking down with verbal cues. This seems less intense, and I have been told through the years I can come off as intense.

Another item that keeps me on or off eye contact is whether I have my glasses on. I figure I’ll give more eye contact when they’re off because shiny lenses are impersonal. Because I am far sighted and wear bifocals, I often remove my glasses when in conversation.

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