Enjoy the Regular Roads

Driving to work today along a lonely high desert road, Highway 395 to be exact headed West toward Adelanto, I had another realization about life. We look back and say “It all went by so fast.” To those I say: “What were you waiting to happen?” I think we do this because we don’t pay attention to the road. Paying attention to the road makes time go slower.

It’s so easy to get distracted from the regular road ahead of us. We may see it every day for 10 years and fail to notice something small. When I think about the huge events in my life, it seems to have gone by slowly. Why? Because I was focused on the road, sometimes in technicolor focus. Instead of waiting for these magnanimous events to occur in ones life, it is adviseable to embrace the regular road for what it is.
Own it. Don’t want for the “event,” rather be it. For me today, the event was driving 60 down a high desert highway. Tomorrow is might be earning the coveted spot of teacher of the year. The key here is the word “enjoy” … integrate yourself … into the regular road. Lead the rich, full, rewarding life you look at over there on your neighbor’s grass. You can have it all today, it’s right in here for all of us. Suddenly, you may find the big events set the pace and every day every hour every second becomes enlightened.

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