The DRP Emerges Winner from my Blogging Break

I’m back! My break from blogging intended to take 30 days is now completed. It only took me 10 days to get the clarity I sought.

Thanks to the folks who cheered me on and let me know I have at least a little value in the blogosphere. You know who you are, you are valued and will be remembered! I do a LOT online and sometimes I need to sit back and re-evaluate my priorities.

Riley on Film 3 reviews a week instead of 5
Riley Central 1-3 diary posts a week instead of 14

The DRP 3-7 audio film reviews per week instead of 1-3. The main thing I got clarity about was the DRP, my audio movie reviews podcast. These are “quick and dirty” audio reviews that range from 3-12 minutes. I have more of a passion for my podcast than anything else so your support is appreciated. Listen when you can and give me your responses in the comments. In time I will probably phase out Riley on Film doing my writing on the podcast as well but we’ll see how things go. In truth, it doesn’t have much readership. The DRP on the other hand has healthy stats every day. Sometimes that’s relevant to what should be the priority. If you’re not subscribed and following the DRP, I invite you and encourage you to do so. This is where I’ll be spending most of my time.

Podcast website/archives:

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twitter (Trying to be more active here so please follow me @thedrpodcast):

Thanks for listening to my audio film reviews on the DRP aka The Damien Riley Podcast, enjoy your day.

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