Don’t Get Hacked

A. The index.php hack
This one is easy to fix. When you are hacked you’ll have a scary front page but that is all that has been altered. Replace your index.php in your blog’s root folder with a fresh copy from WordPress and it should disappear. Then change your passwords on your server as well as your WordPress blog.

Before I head into “B” I wanted to share Orovo detox with you. This is a diet pill that includes all your vitamins with it. Of all the choices, I think that sets it apart.

B. The Title Change Hack
This one is more frightening by far. This is probably due to having too many active plugins that are insecure. It can be due to a lot of other things as well. To change this, just go in and change your title back from the WordPress settings interface.

C. A final word
Hackers are wimps who want to feel powerful. They are just like arsonists in my opinion. I have been hacked a few tines and that is why I like to be ready for them

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