Disobey the Urge to Panic

That puts things into perspective let me tell you. Nothing of tomorrow would concern me. I put it out of my head. The present and near moments are all I think about. This is a great activity for everyday life but certainly for those times when one is debilitated by worry or anxiety.

The urge to panic is all around. When you can remain calm amid stress, you may find people try to wreck your peace. I don’t know exactly what this is about but it happens to me. Put on a favorite song and play it over. Everyone should have that song and know how to access it in the important times. Know your favorite ice cream, donut, piece of art … absorb it. Disobey the urge to panic when it comes into your day. A little stress is ok, but save panic for the times it makes sense, like in an actual burning building. Panic can actually help you find strength in those situations. It’s called “Fight of Flight.”

Like punkers said in the 80’s, say fuck you to panic. Nobody wants yours and you shouldn’t take anybody’s either.

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