#Diary: ‘Adult Me Spends’


As my wife and I were stealing away last Saturday morning to get an omelet at the diner, we saw the previous water heater leaking which we had never seen before since we bought the house 7 years ago. After calling her dad, who is very handy and in the know on these things, we realized the water heater was probably shot and needed replacement.

This rained on our parade about breakfast but we continued to have our eggs. My wfe made a few calls and before we knew it, Roto Rooter was out getting us a free estimate. It is my understanding you should never pay for an estimate on a water heater. We ended up paying the guy to do it and it took a chunk out of oursavings and also a bit off a credit card. Ouch.

We were in the black until this happened and I should be thankful we had a bit f cash and credit to get it done. This is being an adult. You want to spend money on fun shiny tasty stuff but sometimes you have to fork out for household appliances like a water heater. Would I want to be a young person again (18-30 or thereabouts?) No way because then I wasn’t able to save anyway and wasted moeny right and left. I guess I’m glad to be 47 and capable of paying for stuff that breaks around here. Yay adult me. Boo adult me.

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