Online Diary: ‘Seeking The Real Output’

I’ve been talking to my students about the real product vs the appearance of the real product. There is a shortage of the real stuff in the world today. I want my kids to try to add to that number. Writing a paper according to a rubric is one example. So, that’s the most exciting lesson coming from me today I think. It’s pleasant being a teacher because you get to guide the youth of today. There is also some pressure though because you have to be sure what you are guiding toward is the real and not a smokescreen or mirage.

I’m in a very nice “season” of life I think. There are no more college degrees or other accomplishments to be sought: I can just coast professionally and do what I have been trained to do. I guess the greatest challenge nowadays is to make sure I am challenging myself. Picking those challenges and staying in the race is a skill for those in this season.

I have accumulated many skills across many online modalities. I can set up a website, get on Twitter and all the social media, set up ways to monitor a website, optimize it, and more or less I know how to market something online. These items are of course valuable to online projects but in this season I challenge myself with the content I broadcast. Currently, I do that through Riley Central (You are Here) and Riley on Film. I have a somewhat automated presence at Dynamite Lesson Plan and I am a co-host on a podcast called Talking Stars. In this season, I am always thinking of what is real. That’s the stuff I want to output. There are too many smoke and mirrors online these days. When I witness that, it makes me hunger for online projects that are real and different.

In my teaching it’s the same way.

In my marriage and with my 3 kids it is also a challenge to be something real. This past month has had some parenting challenges for me that I never thought I’d have to deal with. When these things happen, I remember exactly how important the real output is. And while I don’t have time to expand on the thought now, I leave you with this thought: “How can one fill others’ buckets every day without filling ones own?” Yep, that. Have a great day! Thanks for reading my online diary that I publish 2-3 times a week. You can subscribe through RSS freed or through a WordPress “follow.”

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