#Diary of Damien: Managing The Folgers Indulgence

Even instant coffee tastes better when you’re working an honest day. I’m not any type of Marlboro man but you could call me the Folgers Teacher. I have purified water, Folgers instant coffee crystals, a microwave, and a plastic spoon to give me that second cup push through the afternoon.

Kids are enough to keep me motivated, it’s just that I am a coffee lover (addict?). I try to go long stretches of time without it to make sure it doesn’t have complete power over me. Those are about a week.

Too much coffee can make one unhealthy though. It does tweak blood pressure and can make one irritable. In the past I’ve been far too liberal in my daily doses. But for those times when all vitals are good, there’s no better indulgence for me than the drink of the dancing goats.

I’m having a great year with my students so far. They are listening and following the lessons very carefully. Who could ask for more. I know someday I will have to cut back in the brown beverage. Until then, it is a very benign indulgence I think. We can all use on of those right?

In addition to being back in the saddle with my job, blogging is also back in full swing up there with other benign indulgences.

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