Dead But Not Gone

I haven’t had any memorable “horror” type nightmares in recent years. I can tell you a few I had when I was a kid but let’s stick to a recent one. I did have a nightmare recently that I came into my house and found a strange man hanging out with my kids. They seemed to adore him. Apparently, he had thought I was dead and so was rekindling a friendship he had with my wife. I empathize with guys who go through divorce and face this scenario. It was horrible! I felt “absent.” My wife was away at work or something and this guy seemed very inquisitive as to whether I would be back in the picture or not. I did not like the “vibe” of the conversation. Odd might be a step toward describing how it felt.

It wasn’t jealousy per se but rather that left behind feeling. My kids were laughing so hard playing with him and they even recognized I was their dad but they kept playing with this new guy. I remember when I woke up I felt really strange. I didn’t even tell my wife about it because it felt so real. We did have a hypothetical discussion that day about what would happen if I ever died, would she remarry. I would absolutely expect her to, no one should go through life alone unless she/he wants to. That’s what she told me though, she’d stay a single mom and would have no desire to date if I died. What would it matter to me, I told her. I’d be dead. I think having the dream was weirder than it happening in real life. What a trip to get a glimpse into a what-if scenario. Dreams are gold for that.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

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