Damien Riley Music

You can listen to and download for free my original tunes on Reverb Nation or watch my very subpar videos on Youtube. I’ve had a lifetime of writing and recording, here it is. -Damien Riley

I learned Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land when I was 7.” Been playing on my own, in band, and recording with famous friends like Eric Stefani and Dave Sharp (of the 80’s arena band “The Alarm” ever since). I could tell you a million chords, why not let the songs speak for themselves … Here they are.

You can also access my songs for free on Reverb Nation, see the player below. Songs toward the bottom are sung my Mr. Mike Lochmiller (Locky). They are of my first band “The Resolution” and I am on lead guitar. We formed when I was 16 and broke up somewhere after high school. I cut my teeth on rock and roll with those guys.

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