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For more than a decade I’ve worked to become a deft, influential blogger and podcaster. I wanted to have the skills and platform, custom-made to do this but there were bumps in the road.  Alas, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today as I was doing my rounds on WordPress and Twitter promoting my latest podcast, I felt an unexpected sense of arrival, I felt strong. It felt like a Summer breeze.

Let me tell you about a few things I wanted when I started blogging and podcasting, first blogging. Here’s a word for the wise:

Define what type of blogger you want to be. Give it a name or title.

I wanted to be a humorous and literary voice. I learned through starting a blog on Blogger and later WordPress in 2005 where I have happily stayed to the present that a lot of people blog with no vision or sense of their intended voice and persona. They don’t know what they want to be.

I would get drowned in that more than once in a while. It almost killed my blogging. I’ve been on Mommy Blog webrings and even meme groups that assigned you trivial topics to write on. They all left me cold and feeling as if I had come up short. I came to name it (names and words are so helpful in defining what you want) as “online diarist.”  When I sit down here at Riley Central to blog, that is who I am, that feeling is solid. I don’t need payment or comments to back it up. I do have a slightly different hat I wear as well that relates to films … Now, podcasting.

I knew I wasn’t a film critic, those guys are serious and professional. That would take away the fun for me, too much pressure. I wanted to be a “blog critic” and then later I added a word to define exactly what I am when I review films: a “Blog Film Critic.” I podcast 100% under this title but I am open to be an online diarist as well. I know what I am trying to be and what I have named my “job” roles/titles. As a blog film critic, I can improve as such. It’s been said that if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit nothing but if you aim at a goal, even if you miss, you’ll come closer.

These are just some thoughts I had this evening. I hope you’ll continue with me of this magical mystery tour of blog film criticism and column writing. I am enjoying what I do now more than ever and I think I have my craft down pretty darn well (humility is a virtue). Hi readers and listeners! I have a lot more to share walking down this road. Thanks for being there.

-Damien R.

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