Crash Test Dummy

If a car is traveling at an extremely high speed and you see the video in slow motion, you will clearly see that a brake at the last minute will not stop the car. It will continue with the wheels screeching which can easily cause a break in someone’s car. This is starting to sound like a “Saw” sequel. Imagine that god-awful voice saying: “Someone in your car will receive a break.” Well if it were me, I definitely would want it to happen to me and not anyone in my family. That doesn’t make me a hero by any stretch, just a daddy bear. Incidentally, I have never in my life broken a bone. Pretty lucky huh? Well yeah, on that front, I am quite a lucky guy. I’ve heard broken bones hurt bad.

This unencumbered, stream of consciousness portion of my brain has been sliced as part of the blog challenge:

brake or break

SoCS badge 2015


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