Coins to Wishes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Coins in the Fountain.”

At the beginning of June, I really wanted to have a great Summer with the wife and kids. We were at a fountain in front of a restaurant one day and my daughters were asking me for coins as usual. My 8 year old said to me as I was giving over some change, “Daddy, why don’t you make a wish?” I did make a wish and it was that we would all have an awesome, meaningful Summer together. These are the wishes we wish when we’re more mature than an 8 or 10 year old. My then 16 year old wasn’t there to make a wish but I think all my kids usually wish like the fool to the genie of the lamp. These are wishes for material wealth etc.

It turns out I got my wish. We had the most awesome Summer possible. We spent a lot of time in my pool and spa which makes for some very enlightening parent/child conversation. I usually get what I wish for but not because of coins or wells. I hope I’ve gained wisdom at 46 to know what the good stuff is and how we all can have access to it. I took a few steps toward my wish and it met me halfway. Watching wishes come true is a little bit knowing what’s worth asking and a little wishing it. After that, a strong will and some elbow grease, along with faith, turns coins to wishes almost without fail.

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