Classroom Setup 2015

We only had one day this year to get our rooms ready for the first day of school. As is traditional, I’m posting photos. Tomorrow is the first day the kids come back. I’m excited about fleshing out all the content walls, including the new feature: a college wall.

One of the final views. Notice the cut out letters at the top.
Mr. Pig and Mr. Duck are ready!
Tables in position.

I only had a day. there is SO much for a teacher to do, a list is invaluable. without one, I’d be dead in the water.
Notice how the walls are bare? This is what I came to work to find today.

3 Replies to “Classroom Setup 2015”

  1. Wait… this is a school?!?!? lol This looks like a place I wouldn’t mind hanging out, especially if there was a piano in the back. Man, how school has changed!

    1. Goodness, no! lol I learned I didn’t have the capacity to be a teacher in college when I tried to teach a few people how to play the piano and all of them just wanted to learn songs; oy!

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