Christmas 2010

To close up the day I thought I’d write a few random impressions of our day. First, it was inspiring watching all 3 kids get bikes this year. I had a year when I got a Diamondback bike and my brother and I rode those things for years as if they were our cars. Watching my smallest kid, Julianna, ride her princess bike was so rewarding as a parent. It is her first mobile contraption. Second, Our new cat Tiana (named after the Princess in the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog”) is really beyond cute however this cuteness has caused my daughters to fight to hold the cat incessantly. I have never seen the little one take such ownership of anything. It is one of those situations where I as a parent am a bit clueless on what to do. Last, my wife is the best cook I think I have ever known. Her Mexican tamales today were the Baileys. Now we head over to my parents’ house to make more memories. I am already thinking of a New Year’s resolution: To be less commercial and more genuine. I hope I can stick to that one! More on what I mean later. So I hope all your Christmases went stellarly. Next stop: 2011.

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