Check out The Theory of Time Space Learning

I learned this theory in college and it got me through all my dreaded math classes. It consists of taking more breaks!

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Have you heard the story of the lumberjack who cut more wood by taking breaks?  If you know the tale, you know the secret: he was sharpening his axe.  Like chopping wood, studying and reading are activities that we actually do better when we take breaks.

Whether you are in school or at work, it’s important to not to overwhelm your brain. Science tells us that the mind cannot usually absorb more than three things at a time. So, if you are reading, take breaks and remember the tendency of the brain to retain 3 things in one sitting. Yellow pads are an excellent resource for this, as simple as that sounds. You’d do well to “space out” the time you have to study as well. The theory of time spaced learning got me through College Algebra at the junior college. I struggled with math up to then and a teacher shared with the class about it. My life has been improved ever since!

The theory is as follows: instead of studying to absorb new material over the course of an hour, break up your time into 15 minute increments (suggested). The data shows that memory is imprinted strongest when you start and stop a study time. Therefore, instead of having strong memories only twice in an hour, you will have them at the start and stop of each mini session. This equals more knowledge! Now this was great news to me, because I loved taking breaks from math!

When it comes to studying for memory, less is more and quality is better than quantity. Slow down and take more breaks, you’ll be amazed how much more you retain for life!

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