Ceiling Dreams


Illumination by @neverwearthem

Whoever wrote “The sky’s the limit” wasn’t indoors. This photo sort of describes the way I feel today. There are so many things I want to be doing but as I am getting older, I find I haven’t the time to make them real.

Teaching is an electric car. You can go for miles if you charge up. If not, well uh you get it. You can’t always be going. I have learned this over years of doing it. If you fill up though, you can give a lot. That’s why I try to pamper myself and come to the party planned and ready. Kids are amazing but they can sap your energy like anyone else. Go into the game eating your wheat it’s I say. That’s what I’ve been doing and I see the results.

Blogging is probably one of my most fun yet hard to discipline dreams. On paper it sounds so simple:

rileycentral.blog – Syndicate my projects and write an online diary.

rileyfilm.reviews – review a movie a day

damienriley.com – record and produce a podcast a week

These are my goals and dreams I share with thee. Almost habits 😉 Good ones at that. Keep on trucking Riley (I tell myself) one day it will pay off.

Seeing dreams on the ceiling isn’t a squat, it’s actually a hell of a lot taller than you think.

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