my Can Blog Stats July 2010

C – circulation, inlinks: 108 Links in, Alexa Rank: 346,523

A – analytics, traffic: 4,526 Visits, 146 Visits / Day Average and 291 Feed subscribers (per Feedburner)

N – net: $80 in-text-links / $4.63 Adsense / $0 Amazon Associates

I had the Summer to think about my blog quite a bit with an un-distracted mind. I decided to make changes to the way I was presenting ads. I am hopeful this will pay off down the road. I am trying out the Amazon Associates banners at the foot of my index and single pages. These changes along with better keyword research and good seo picked titles will hopefully increase my net. The inlinks and traffic are up up up. I see that as a good step in the right direction. If you have any questions let me know. I hope you find these CAN blog stats posts on making money online interesting and helpful. If not, kindly let them pass by. Thanks!

C and A are way up. Net is lagging a bit. I’ve made template ad changes I think will help. Until next time, make the most of your blogging time. And remember this, the best fat burners are activities that earn you money.

my CAN Blog Stats – June 2010

Sometimes I wonder if these come across as bragging. If that’s the case, please trust me that is not why I do them. Most all my blogging friends do better than I do these days in stats. I do it because it helps me clarify what is going on with my blog. I think blogs themselves can help people make sense of what’s going on in their lives if they give them a try.

June marked my leap into Twitter head-first. I don’t know how much it will help my blog traffic and income long-term, but I am networking like crazy and meeting a lot of new online friends. My daily traffic was up. I think interacting on Twitter in a tasteful way where you are saying cool interesting things and posting cool interesting links in between promotion of your blog, it really can increase your traffic.

I actually got another vice this past month, namely Tumblr. It’s weird because I tried to downsize when I took my three blogs down to this one but now I have that entrepeneurial spirit of growth once again. In July I will be rebuilding Dynamite Lesson Plan and I’ll explain more on that next month when everything is sorted and back in place. But I digress, here are my results for June 2010:

Circulation: 81 Links in, Alexa Rank: 256,725

Analytics: 3,726 visits, Average: 124 visits/day

Net:  $165 Source: PayU2Blog

I’ve taken two steps to try and increase income in July. I’ve already mentioned Dynamite Lesson Plan. The other one is: I am trying a few different adsense layouts to see how they fare.

my CAN Blog Stats May 2010

My goals were high in May and the fact that my hosting company crashed a disk losing all my data and keeping me offline for over a week didn’t help. Having said that, it was a great month for rearranging things and adjusting the way I do my blogroll. I’ve focused more on following people I can learn from and whom I enjoy. I no longer do reciprocal blogrolling just to keep friends. This has been a habit in the past and it really isn’t a win for anyone. Here’s my blog stats for May 2010!

Inbound Links (total): 6,459 Continue reading “my CAN Blog Stats May 2010”

Blog Stats for March 2010

March 2010

Yahoo inlinks: 6695

Absolute Unique Visitors: 7,024
Average Visits/Day: 248
Feed Subscribers: 463

PayU2Blog:$ 75.00
Adsense: $ 23.64

Total: $ 98.64

Reflection: While the month’s payout isn’t even my usual minimum of $200, I feel more successful than ever. I found 2 good companies to work with that I can rely on and who I think have staying power. I used to get so many nickels and dimes from a variety of sources and it wears on you after a while. I have hope that my “one” blog now will eventually get the traffic and inlinks it needs to get larger offers from advertisers. I want to say thank you to my feed subscribers, I hope you guys are enjoying the content. I should get some write some good articles in the next 10 days while I am on Spring Break. In addition, my 3 months off for Summer are right around the corner. I hope to “modernize” my blog a bit during that time. I also really like the “Announcements” category and top subheading section. It’s a way to keep people up with “Damien at the Speed of Life.”

On Finishing the Last Day of My Sub Assignment Teaching College English

I started teaching at a community college in August and it has been far more relaxed than teaching K12.

I knew in college this was the best level for my skills and disposition but it wasn’t until after a 18 year K12 career starting at age 27 that a college teaching position was in the cards for me. I’m now 50.

I started just after the first of the Fall semester, I’d applied late because a K12 8th grade poisition I’d almost begun didn’t pan out. In teaching, one needs to get hired on at the beginning, there isn’t much opportunity in the semester. I got hired and began the process. One course I was offered was a “sub” position taking on an English 101 course that had just started, I took it.

My first reports about Community College teaching are that the students are somewhat blank faced. As much as I tried to lighten the air, they remained guarded and steelfaced in the 2 months I taught them. I assigned 2 research papers: Antigone and The Wild West. I don’t know if I ignited the passion as I had hoped but I sure as hell tried.

I feel this class was afraid to launch. They all did well grade-wise. They still have to work with the regular teacher as he comes back Monday for the remainder of the course. Taking a long term college sub position makes you vulnerable.

I hope the students get that and don’t fault me for taking some of my own plans and thoughts to the logical end. I do respect their regular teacher, I hope they’ll remember that English class can be fun and you can really get immersed in it, I hope I gave them the permission they needed.

Trump is Off The Rails. Do Not Support this Criminal.

Trump is more than dangerous, he is at war with America. I want to respond to his tweet from a Texas rally.

Trump said: “Tonight, we forcefully condemn the blatant corruption of the Democrat Party, the Fake News Media, and the rogue bureaucrats of the Deep State.”
My response: You people in Texas gathering for his rally, The only blatant lawbreaking going on now is Trump’s. He is lawless and you should be prepared for a lawless America. You are helping Trump destroy the rule of law.
Trump is making your hate the fuel to support him. The Democratic party is for the people. Trump has corrupted the Republican party. It may not survive his presidency. He lies unabashedly.
He goes on to say: “The only message these radicals will understand is a crushing defeat on November 3, 2020!”

My response: He is setting up a straw man calling anyone who crosses him a “radical.” Every poll shows the majority want him impeached. He is all about propoganda. To the supporters of Trump: please stop going to these rallies, Trump is dangerous to our country.

Siddharta and the Third Sight

It’s not a religion but rather, a path.

The Four Sights are the 4 things that Siddhartha Gautama saw for the first time when he left the palace after living a sheltered life.

Photo Source: The Four Sights and Going Forth – Buddhism – Learning RMPS

Several years ago I became interested in the teachings of Buddhism. I wasn’t ready to leave my Western Christian perspective behind and at the same time, I’ve since learned they both have things in common. I’ve been interested in Buddhism for some years now and watching a documentary on PBS a few years ago really “clicked” with me and I have been profoundly respectful of it ever since. Herman Hesse’s cornerstone novel of the 20th century “Siddharta” also moved me in a way that calmed and satisfied. I had never felt such a thing studying the Bible.

Buddhism is not a religion, it is a path. We are all on a path and Buddhism seeks to guide us on our own way. I’ll never forget the 3rd sight Siddharta had of a dead man on his path. It hurt him deeply to see the product of such suffering. He dedicated himself to sit and ponder, stay and wait until he understood why this man had to die and in fact why he himself had to die. What he discovered in that process was that some things can never be understood but they can be accepted. I understand that Buddhism is the acceptance of all things. It doesn’t come automatically though. It’s not a religion but rather, a path.

Today I …

  • Helped my wife put moving-in stuff away.
  • Checked internet speed.
  • Terrorized my dog. (in a loving way)
  • Sneezed 8 times successively.
  • Finally finished watching “Noroi: The Curse.”
  • Had Kava
  • Organized work stuff
  • Prioritized paper grading
  • Took a nap
  • Plugged in the subwoofer and it sounds great