The Lonely Rocket

Neil Armstrong was in a lonely rocket. I can’t comprehend losing a child. I have at least 2 friends that have lost kinds and I do not think I could get through that. I was really arrogant in my early adulthood in that I thought I could always bring myself up from my own bootstraps come what may.

Even that was before I was a parent. I have 3 kids and I really think I would be defeated if I ever lost one. I’m saying that because I have utter respect for those who have suffered this unthinkable loss. What would that be like? I think it would forever change a person. People can move on from this, like Neil Armstrong does in “First Man.” BUT, he is changed, I think that is clear,

Running your OWN race means not comparing yourself to slower racers or faster ones. It means improving the only way you know how and that may be different person to person. It also means setting your standard much higher that everyone’s when you are the only one that can get it done. Neil Armstrong again? Your heroic actions may affect millions, you have only your race to worry about. Set personal goals and get personal rewards.  Setting weekly, even daily goals in a journal can be a great way to measure success. Again, Bill Gates’ measure will be different from a lemonade stand worker. I’m a huge believer in journaling. In my case, later years has produced online diary journaling. It’s a lot of fun and helps me gauge my own opinion of my success.

One small step for man. WE do not see how crucial our steps are for others. Sometimes we never see but faith keeps us going. Recognition isn’t always there. If motivation to do things depends on the recognition of others, it will probably fail. Be your own cheerleader. Reward yourself for achieving a goal. Don’t have any? Set some. I can guarantee you Neil Armstrong had them.


We make such a fuss about them and then never wear them again.

Face makeup, wigs, the smell of rubber latex masks. Don’t wear second hand masks.

Costumes are exciting because they scare us. It’s scary not knowing who’s behind the mask.


Henry the 8th would lop heads off. It seems Victoria didn’t have that power. Should kings have lopping off powers?

Food for thought, except those who have lost their heads. They would lose the food through the neckhole if they could swallow.


Disrupts are moments in life when we feel distracted and are forced to stop our regular flow of creativity. It can be a time when we feel like giving up, but we musn’t. I like what Randy Pausch said: “The walla aren’t in our path to stop us but rather to test how much we want it. Huge numbers may want something but you determine how much more you want it than anyone else. A disruption is usually temporary it depends on you. Here’s Randy:


Frigid is a word to describe the girl in high school who won’t have sex with you. She always has other plans like her future, college, volunteering, a job. You might use the word to describe a wife that is never interested in sex. I don’t recall ever hearing this word used to describe men. I’m not sure why that is. Plenty of men don’t want to have sex. I’m not sure what you would describe them as.

As a closing thought, isn’t it strange how the frigid girls and wives usually end up the most successful? Maybe we put too much emphasis on sex.

Rumor that Makes Her Churn

Name that movie!

Churn is what you do when you know the whole school has an idea about you that is false. You also know something you said as a white lie in confidence to a friend got “leaked” and the rumor mill ran with it. You know as a rational person it will fade and the rumor will be fixed but for now, everywhere you walk on campus you think people are saying to themselves, “There’s that floozy.” What’s more, you’re still a virgin.


Toxic thinking can be when you dwell on things you have no control over for too long and perhaps too many times a day.

The trouble is that being responsible sometimes require you to have these thoughts so you can solve your problems. You can’t just become a complete hippie, ignoring these thoughts. To an extent they must be dealt with. For me the toxic point is when it starts to bring your mood down because that really doesn’t need to happen. Do the best you can and let the rest come what may.

Toxic also means deadly and I believe negative thoughts can kill us slowly, even quickly if allowed to grow ad thrive without check. Love the ones around you, whoever they may be because families take care of their own. One way to prevent thought toxicity is to love and empower those around you. For me that means my wife and kids, as well as some close friends. Learn what the things are that give you pleasure and happiness and do them. This also is an antidote for thought toxicity. Take on things that are solutions and that don’t contribute to the toxic stuff. Slowly, you’ll find you have ways to combat it.

We all have fears, not all of us are willing to take steps to conquer them.