Capture Ideas Throughout the Day

This post is most relevant to bloggers but the principles apply across the spectrum of people seeking more creativity in their lives.

Yesterday I wrote about a color capture software that works anywhere on the computer.  Today I have a similar item to share: an mp3 voice recorder.  Most cell phones these days have mp3 voice recorders built in as extras.  I have the Sony Walkman phone and it has an easy to access recorder built in.  They also sell them as stand-alone devices if you don’t carry a phone.

When I am driving down the road listening to my tunes, I often get a spark of inspiration for a post.  I have discovered the mp3 voice recorder comes in handy to capture the idea and later I return to the computer playing back any wonderful sparks I recorded.

Many people ask me how I write 3 blogs and keep up with life as I know it.  The answer is that it isn’t “labor” for me.  I use tricks like this one to keep it simple and almost “automatic.”  I’ve said before that I don’t “do” things to get inspired.  Rather, I get my “catching habits” in order so when inspiration strikes, I am ready for it.  Having said all that, I wouldn’t recommend three blogs for a beginning blogger.  It takes time to develop tricks that work for you and they vary writer to writer.  Whatever you do, do it from an inspired place.  The mp3 voice recorder is one way to discover that.

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  1. I have used that feature on my cell phone from time to time and must say that it does work pretty well…most of the time (I remember one time I had a great idea late at night so just grabbed my phone and did a voice memo, but when I listened to it later it made absolutely no sense)….generally I’m more likely to write the idea down though than do the voice thing, either on my hand or whatever scrap of paper I can find nearby.

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