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guitar_cup (1)If we were having coffee I’d tell you about this guitar coffee cup I’m sipping from. It was part of a bag of gifts I got for a post 40 birthday party, I’m turning 47 this June. I think 47 will be the best, most effective, most enjoyable year ever. At first I hated it, it felt weird in my hand. After running out of cups several weeks, since I take them sloppily to work and leave them there daily, it because my “home cup.” Now, it’s the one I see to enjoy the most. Happy to be drinking from it this afternoon 🙂 What do you think of it?

tiana_pic (1)It’s my daughter Julianna’s 9th birthday today. As you recall I have 3 kids and she is the youngest. We got her an ipod which was an amazing gift, according to her. She asked to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for her party. We’re just doing a small get together there. We have about an hour and a half until that. I want to eat pizza so badly, I ate a tiny lunch. I’ll tell my family “don’t mind me” when they go to play because I’ll be playing the flour, salt, cheese, meat, and chewing game. I almost have my report cards finished. You see my cat here getting impatient for love time. The end of every school year always has the lovely chore of report cards. On the horizon is: Last day of school/my work as a teacher is June 2nd. We leave for Hawaii on June 6th. We’re going to take it in and relax! I’ll be blogging from paradise I am sure. Until the next coffee, keep on blogging in the free world.



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  1. You can warm 47 up for me. I’m the end of July.

    No report cards here, but we’ll need to do one standardized test later this summer (we’re year round.)

    I hope the birthday was awesome. 9 is a cool age. Our youngest will be 12 in a few weeks; our last year of having a pre-teen. Somehow, it seems like that went FAST!

      1. What a lovely place to take pictures! =) One of my biggest bummers is that my Accomplice went to Hawaii with a date who turned out not to want to do anything adventurous – the year before we met.

        Ah, well.

        Is this a permanent move, or a well-deserved family adventure? I’ve been so busy writing and living lately, I feel rather out of a whole lotta loops! =)

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